Short Path Distillation

Flavourtech has developed the RM series of Centritherm evaporators specifically for short path distillation (also known as molecular distillation / evaporation). Short path distillation covers a range of applications not possible in traditional evaporation units. Specifically short path distillation requires high temperature and high vacuum operation. This RM series of Centritherms have been designed to meet the requirements of short path or molecular distillation, including a unique internal condensing system.


The Flavourtech Centritherm is a thin-film, single-effect, spinning cone evaporator. It operates under vacuum, offers an exceptionally short residence time (approximately 1 sec over the heating surface) and a very small hold up volume.

All this results in minimal thermal impact on the product, the ability to process viscous products and a high degree of processing flexibility. It is ideal for short runs of different products, especially high value products, as there is minimal product loss at the end of the processing run.

The Centritherm evaporator has a high thermal efficiency. It evaporates more solvent (aqueous or organic) per unit area giving a higher single pass concentration ratio than traditional rising and/or falling film evaporators (plate, tubular or wiped film).

The Centritherm (RM series) for short path distillation is ideal for applications in the edible oil, polymer, chemical, flavour chemical, essential oil and similar industries. Specific applications like recovery of fatty acids (such as omega 3), removal of monomers from polymers and purification of essential oils are just an example of what is possible.

Short Path Evaporator

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